by | Jun 1, 2016 | Blog

I’m really zinging today. It’s cold and miserable outside despite being the 1st June – where has that 20 degree sunshine of three days ago gone? But I’m still basking in it.

I know where I want to be, what I want to happen and the way is clear to the destination.     I have been enthused by the inspiration of people around me, a team of talented and crazy artists – who have been enthused by what I am doing in my courses and workshops.     When people who have had no idea what Alexander’s discoveries are, look in on a group of students exploring these discoveries – and start drawing what THEY see  – as people on the outside rather than from the steamy perspective of those inside the hothouse of the Alexander world.    Their freshness and excitement was palpable – and this added a vitality to the course that was in progress.

The students looked at themselves with new eyes,  there was a joy in what they were experiencing,  they grew in every sense of the word!    Their feet sprang up off the floor as they moved around the room partnering each other in groups of twos and threes.   There was a magic.

So I’m zinging!

And now the possibility of moving location is actualising itself.     This empowers all kinds of changes –  new people, new places, new ideas, new courses – the possibilities are infinite.

The ‘present’ is great – a vastness of space opens up allowing horizons to move away – I remember when I crossed the Sahara in a Renault 4 years ago, the silence, the space, the hugeness, the unchangingness of it, the beauty of being ‘there’ changed me forever.    That moment is NOW.    Enjoy.

’til next time.

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