Suzanne Duncanson

Alexander Technique Norwich

There is no such thing as a right position,
But there is such a thing as a RIGHT direction.

— F.M.A.

“You can’t know a thing by an instrument that is wrong.”


Alexander technique is unique in that it emphasises the quality of experience in everything that we do in our everyday lives. We learn to stop interfering with our natural poise and coordination so we find a new quality of freedom and lightness in our daily lives and our chosen activities.

About the Alexander Technique

How it Works


You want to solve a problem – pain, stress, RSI – that you haven’t been able to solve. A teacher of the Alexander Technique can help you find ease.


With a course of group sessions or individual lessons either online or in person with a teacher who helps you find a new experience of balance and coordination.


Use affects functioning. If we use ourselves well we function well. If we use ourselves badly we function badly. But what affects our use?


“The Alexander Technique “work” with Suzanne is much more about play and freedom than anything associated with effort.  Her vast knowledge and intuitive way of reading her clients – even over  video – is extraordinary and profoundly effective.  The changes she helps to facilitate are real, and dare I say life-changing.  Her lessons are an absolute joy.“

“I have to admit it was a real surprise to me that it was possible to be tutored on Alexander Technique remotely, but the sessions I have had with Suzanne have been extraordinary. I’m finding the process quite meditative and the tools she is passing on are gradually changing the way I deal with the numerous forms of stress in my life in an extremely subtle way. I’ve always challenged myself to meet targets and achieve goals, and in so doing have generally tightened up -whether it be singing or exercise, but with the TheCyCle™ and other devices I am learning to direct my brain away from these stresses and ease into a different mind set. Suzanne’s relaxed and non-judgemental approach is brilliant at conveying the techniques required.”

“Suzanne has been my Alexander Teacher for 20+ years. Initially I tried out the technique to improve my posture but soon found it had a real positive effects on mood and well-being. Current ‘social distancing’ rules has now meant online lessons. At first sceptical, however pleasantly surprised to be taught new techniques that can be applied at home that continues my journey of discovery and will make a difference in the current climate. Suzanne is a very capable, knowledgeable and supportive teacher, always making one feel at ease.“