Qatar World Cup – an opportunity to reset

by | Dec 21, 2022 | Blog

When you see any activity performed by those at the top of their game – it is pure poetry in motion even if you’re not usually a fan of that activity.

And the World Cup in Qatar was no exception.  I am generally speaking not someone who watches football, but the World Cup got my attention.  As the competition progressed and we came to the final – with two equally matched teams going head to head – each team playing to their strengths and  playing as a team rather than as individuals the skill and fluidity of each team became more and more apparent.  It truly could be described as the ‘beautiful game’.

Each team was playing to the rules – cleanly and skilfully. And the referee was quietly in charge.

The game was a joy to watch.  Positive and exhilarating!

This positivity can offset the earlier criticisms which of course are valid and must be addressed, but the fans’ joy and positivity in their experiences in Qatar will ricochet round the world as they return to their home countries with a warm glow of happiness.

Perhaps this is a chance to reset …. ?