Politics – consensus versus Victory/defeat

by | Oct 23, 2022 | Blog


I went up to Cromer the other day to see if the Banksy on the beach had survived all the storms of the past year or two.   And it has – it is still exciting and dynamic despite being battered by the wild weather of past winters.  The sea creatures are still marching across the wall, with a very clear direction. They know where they’re going and are very clear as to their destination LUXURY RENTALS ONLY…. 

It made me laugh out loud.

Pause for thought for our disorganised parliamentary representatives in Westminster at the moment.  Perhaps these representatives should come up to the north Norfolk coast and have a look at the clarity of vision portrayed by Banksy – is this what they really want?  

There is a whole different world outside the Westminster bubble.  

Maybe – there is another way – stopping, listening , finding consensus  –  what’s best for everyone rather than what’s best for me.



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