flexibility – or ease – or both?

by | Sep 30, 2022 | Blog

Can we be both flexible and easy?  Or do we sacrifice one at the expense of the other?    We want to be  able to move easily and be flexible.  Sometimes we can be too flexible which leads to overstretching and even collapsing.  This happens very often with those who are hypermobile in some of their joints.  It can be a bonus to be hypermobile – especially if you’re a dancer or a gymnast as you’re able to go into all kinds of contortions very easily.   In everyday life though hypermobility often causes discomfort and pain and new skills have to be learned so that we can learn to function and use the appropriate muscles to support the joints that are tending to over extend.

On the other hand moving with ease can be confused with lack of tone and dynamic.  In both cases the Alexander Technique offers a way to develop tone and strength which allows the power to come from the inside rather than being produced externally by our extremities – the arms and legs or even the hands.

Using the AT alongside tai chi, pilates, yoga, running and other modalities can bring a new dimension to the activity – a dynamic energy and flow  – a sense of spacial awareness and presence  – and connectedness to where we are in space – a belonging and integration of the whole being.  Mind and body become integrated in the activity whether it’s making a cup of tea or doing a yoga pose.

Ease and flexibility can work together to make a quiet dynamic whole creating an experience of ease and flow taking ownership of our space.  

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