Where is consciousness?

by | Mar 13, 2023 | Blog

MY BLOG TODAY! Hi folks, just had a fabulous walk along the shore the other day  – beautiful sunshine and the tide was way out ! Movement and being at one with each other – a few years ago I would’t have believed it possible. There was a study a few years ago when a researcher went deep into the Amazonian jungle to find previously undiscovered tribes. When he found an isolated group of villagers, he asked them where they thought consciousness was – and they all pointed to the jungle. He thought that perhaps they had misunderstood his question so he asked it in various different ways, but it soon became clear that the members of the tribe really meant that consciousness resided in the jungle all around them, and that they were one with the jungle and their surroundings.Consciousness was everywhere for them and they and nature were united. And the other day it was the same for me.