Taking on a challenge!

by | Aug 11, 2016 | Blog

Watching the Rio Olympics shows up the courage needed for the athletes to compete at the highest level.    The athletes have to make a real commitment to the training which is TOUGH.   And then they have one day or one event in which to prove themselves.  It’s over in a flash. Everything is transient – everything is ephemeral.

I have loved watching the cyclists in the road race – and the synchronised divers.  The gymnasts were phenomenal.   There is such an element of beauty as they fly through the air fearlessly.   It seems effortless.  And they seem to be light as a feather.  It looks so easy that you forget how much work has gone into reaching that standard of competence.

And that’s the secret – it seems easy!    Letting the head lead and the body follow …. it’s so beautiful to see.

This is the joy of something like the Olympics – every four years the best in the world come together to compete and showcase their skill and ease.

And taking on any challenge requires courage and commitment.   It would be so tempting to stay where we are and never to move on or move forward.   But the thrill of taking a risk outweighs the safety of staying put!

SO take the risk – go for the adventure – it will be worth it, I promise you.

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