Insights in to the ‘Performing Self’

by | Mar 28, 2015 | Blog

Hello again,

I’ve just come back from ten weeks of inspiration and challenges – delving into and discovering all the facets of the ‘performing self’!    Confronting and going beyond my habitual boundaries.

Working with the most wonderful tutors who constantly amazed the six of us on the course with their skills and generosity.

Whether it be the talented actors at The Actors Centre,  the exciting students at Rose Bruford College, the dancers at Roehampton and Laban Trinity, or the amazing musicians at the Royal College of Music – we had a fabulous experience developing our skills and exploring ways of enhancing the students experience of dancing, acting, playing.

It was a privilege to be part of the creative expertinence – and our Alexander work is such a powerful tool to support this community atorvastatin dose.

The final challenge was our own performance!     We really understood the process of performing, dealing with performance anxiety and being in front of an audience – the six of us ‘performing selfers’  were gob-smacked by the other’s talents.   Aren’t we all amazing?

You’re amazing too – but maybe you just dont know it yet.

Happy Easter!