Important people in my life

by | Jun 5, 2016 | Blog

There have been four important people in my life.

Why are they important – because they all changed my life in some way.

The first was my headmaster at the local primary school.    I went there at the age of nine or ten having been unexpectedly taken from my posh private school and sent to the local school.    I was lost and confused.   He took me and some other kids and gave us extra tuition before school to help us pass the dreaded Eleven plus.     I just failed by a smidgen!    However he had given me self-belief.

The second was my English teacher, a wonderful man called Mr Valentine.    He saw that I was good at English and particularly writing and, knowing that I couldn’t go to senior school without Latin,  took it upon himself to teach me Latin.    This meant that I went to Secondary School, passed my exams and went to University special info.

The third was Muhammed Ali who has just died.     He was at the height of his powers then, and his brilliance in and out of the ring inspired me to think ‘big’.   ‘Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee’   touches my heart.    He was unique.

The fourth was the head of my Alexander training school – Misha Magidov.    He ran his school of twenty five students and half a  dozen teachers with a generosity of spirit and kindness that allowed us all to open our horizons and fly.

I am am lucky to have had these people in my life.

the first gave me opportunity.

the second gave me a future and confidence.

the third gave me inspiration.

the fourth gave me the power to change.

I am grateful that I can now pay tribute to them as wonderful, unique and original beings with rare gifts that  they shared with the world.

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