Exploring different spaces

by | Jul 12, 2016 | Blog


Taking risks, going into unknown spaces – both exciting and terrifying.    The rewards can be fantastic – the risks huge but worth it.

Being submerged in sound as if experiencing the creation of the music itself in process, doesn’t often present itself – but it did last week.    A raw and innovative band of musicians led a motley audience into and through the beams of the South Bank Centre along pump room walkways and immersed the unknowing in an unexpected experience of vision and sound.    This could have been scary and unnerving – instead it was inspirational and mind bending.   Everyone was wowed!

As we suddenly emerged from darkness into bright sunlight, the skyscape of London inspired – and breath flooded in.   We were level with the London Eye.

Inspiration – the breath of life.

Inspiration – the root of creativity.

Inspiration inspires us to finish what we’ve started – to go the last ten yards and win ……

We breathe out ….. the breath comes in …..