Insights into ‘The Performing Self’

by | Feb 22, 2016 | Blog



I know it’s ages since I last blogged – but that is a habit I’m going to change.    I’ve always thought of blogging in the sense that  “I’d much rather be doing something else!”    But actually it’s wonderful – I can stop and stop reflect.    I’m in the moment.   I can enjoy all the lovely things that have happened in the past few months – the fun of swimming like a dolphin (a slight exaggeration! ) – but experiencing powering through the water with ease is a real about-turn and change of a habit.    Liberation – that fear of water was just not necessary – so it has become fun.

What else has been going on?    Workshops – and teaching groups of enthusiastic pupils exploring FM Alexander’s discoveries for themselves is fantastic and exciting.   Have a look at my Events page for more information about the next courses.   It’s a revelation to find that “my goodness, I’m doing something quite different to what I thought I was doing!”   and I CAN CHANGE it!

I’ll be in London again soon – for more theatre and meeting friends.

Have a great time!