Find energising quiet in this 4 hour workshop on Sunday 15th May 2022 from 1200-1600.  We are born to be curious and experiment.  Take this opportunity to empower yourself  and rediscover the excitement you took for granted as a child.




So often people go from pillar to post desperately trying to sort themselves out, get rid of pain or stress –  and spending a fortune in the process (a fortune they cannot afford) and they end up thinking that the search is futile.   So I’ve decided to do something about it and tell you about the Alexander Technique which can empower and free you up to become curious  and excited about exploring new possibilities and unexpected surprises along the way, leading to more flexibility and ease.

Come along to this workshop  and be adventurous as you find a source of something new – an energising quiet.   Can we be easy with movement – can it become interesting – a relationship between our bodies, ourselves and the environment.  Can we become more aware of ourselves as integrated whole beings?

This will be an interactive workshop in a beautiful space where we can learn about stopping, seeing and directing ourselves in everyday activities.

The Sandys-Winsch Room is above the Pavilion Feed cafe in the centre of Waterloo Park, Waterloo Road, Norwich NR3 3HX with free parking and step-free access.

1200-1600 on Sunday 15th May 2022

Contact me  for more information

Please bring a mat to lie on and a couple of paperback books.

There will be a break halfway through and you will be able to buy drinks/snacks from the cafe downstairs.